Buyer's Agency

Buyer's Agency is offered to give representation to the Buyer.


Under the former system of Sub Agency, which was in effect in British Columbia until January of 1995, the Buyer's interests were unrepresented, as all Agents were deemed to be working for the Seller, even though the Agent who brought the Purchaser to the transaction had never met the Seller, and had been working with the Buyer.


Buyer's Agency, then, made certain that the purchaser would have representation in a real estate transaction in British Columbia.

Buyer's Agency allows a Buyer to work with one Agent, to have that Agent find out all the information about any property that might be of interest to a Buyer, to show the property, to write up a binding offer, and to negotiate the best price for the Buyer on a specific property.


There is a Buyer's Agency contract, and this can aid a buyer in his or her search.     See Li for details.