multiple listing benefits

As a member of the MLS® system, I can connect you with any mls listed property.  

The mls is geographic for a consumer.  Realtors work under a board.   Salt Spring and the Southern Gulf Islands are a "grey area"...some have realtors who use the Vancouver Board as their portal into the mls system, while others choose the Victoria Board as their portal to input listings on the mls, and still others choose the Vancouver Island Board.  

The Vancouver Board is the largest and most comprehensive for a realtor...I choose to use it as my portal onto the mls system, which is geographic and not board related.


Call me today for details on any listed property, and appointments to view same.   I have access to all listings, from all boards, and will make certain that you "see it all".


I work for you, and will make certain that you see all properties in your preferred category, so that you are in a position to make that all important "informed decision".    


Ask for me by name, Li Read...pop into my office on Salt Spring Island for all real estate information, maps, thoughts on trends.    I work for you.


How may I  help you to buy your special Salt Spring Island or Southern Gulf Islands dream property?


Waiting for your call!




Cell: 250-537-7647


Local office:  # 4 - 105 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island (across from the Harbour & Ganges Marina)