Buying with Li

The server of this particular website ( is Radar Hill, a Victoria based web design/host company.    I work under the Vancouver real estate board, and also showcase my listings in Whistler.    This Victoria company does not have the ability, then, to offer the private client service option, as they can only do this through the Victoria Board.

To a consumer, the ( is exactly that, a Canada wide service.  
To a consumer, the mls system is geographic.  It is not relevant to a consumer, then, which Board a realtor is affiliated with.    All Salt Spring listings, for example, appear under "Salt Spring", on the mls system, and the consumer has no idea of board affiliations of a particular realtor.

The Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring Island, can be served by several different boards (it's called a grey area...meaning that three boards are represented on these Gulf Islands: Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island), and I find that my affiliation with the Vancouver Board brings a much larger realtor referral network to the benefit of my sellers. 

To a buyer, what they view on the mls system, is the same no matter what board area I would work under.   Salt Spring is Salt Spring.   Pender is Pender, Galiano is Galiano, Mayne is Mayne, etc.  

Please check out the ( system, to find all of my listings available there, along with all other listings for Salt Spring, etc.   A realtor private client service will only show listings on that realtor's board...boards are a portal for a realtor to put their listings on the mls service.   A private client service (PCS) is not the MLS.

If you would like further information, on any listed property that catches your eye, please email me the mls number, and I will "report in".   

Let me be your editing function!    

Thank you!